Our coffees fall into different categories based on their quality as well as their producer groups. These include high-scoring single farmer microlots, high-elevation mountain coffees, gateway-quality coffees, women-only produced coffees and high-quality decaf lots.
To reinforce their identities and establish a connection to the communities and environments they come from, each category, like Siruma, is named after a word in Wayuu.

"Wuchii" or the "winged one" is a symbol of flight and a totem for the rich biodiversity of Colombia's coffee landscapes.

These gateway-quality lots are cultivated by smallholder farmers in harmony with their environments. They share our values of sustainability, with a vision for a higher-quality, fairer market.  
"Namuna" presents our high-elevation coffee selection as a tribute to the majesty of the Andes.
This is a showcase of high-quality lots, exhibiting the deep coffee wisdom of our mountain region farmers.  
"Suukala", meaning sugary and sweet in taste. These exceptional coffees are produced by expert growers who put in a lot of effort during special harvests, demonstrating their patience and passion. They represent the hard work of farmers who are committed to producing high-quality, high-scoring coffees.  
"Atunkaa" in the Wayuu dialect describes the state of sleeping or dreaming.
These sugarcane decaf lots are produced by our community of farmers from the regions of Cauca, Caldas & Tolima. They are processed with care to preserve the natural sweetness and complexity of their varieties.  
“ATTIA", the harvest. A symbol of gratitude for the Earth's bounty and a celebration of ancestral connection.
Coffees in this collection are curated to showcase the highest quality microlots produced by the farmers who are reaching for superior and exceptional.
"Jieru" is an expression of the feminine. These coffees showcase the hard work and expertise of our community of women coffee farmers while promoting the values of collaboration and solidarity.
We aim to elevate the work of women coffee farmers by increasing their market access.