Our purpose

We are a specialty coffee exporter that works with different regions of Colombia, striving for social awareness, transparency, and transferring value throughout the commercial chain.

Our sustainablity vision

We seek to create long-term commercial relationships between our coffee suppliers in Colombia and our clients, based on quality, transparency, and shared value.

We hope that our differentiationg factor will be the positive impact that will remain in th coffee communities with wich we work. We seek that producers improve their income and find in coffee a decent and sustainable life in the long term. Likewise, we hope that the producer associations see their commercial and organizational capacities strengthened.

I had some dreams... they were clouds in my coffee


We currently work with different associations and Coops in three departments: Cauca, Caldas and Tolima.

We have an aronomist in each region that is constantly doing workshops and finding ways to help the growers and organizations to be better day by day.