Siruma Coffee

What do we do?

We are exporters of specialty coffees, currently reaching 3 continents. We market coffee from three areas of Colombia, with the presence of the sustainability team in each of these.
We also decided that Colombians should have the opportunity to try the excellent coffees that are usually only used for foreign trade. The Siruma roasted coffee portal was born from this idea.

Our purpose

Export high-quality coffee from different regions of Colombia, always seeking transparency, social meaning and value transfer throughout the commercial chain.

Where are we going...

In the year 2025 Siruma Coffee will be recognized as a coffee exporter that provides well-being to its suppliers and product quality to its customers. Siruma Coffee will expand its portfolio, diversifying its products and commercial channels.

Coffee makes us daydream


Although the company is oriented towards the export of specialty coffees, what really moves the work team is the social capital that can be generated by working in the different areas of the country. That is why in each department where we work we have a field leader who seeks to strengthen the weaknesses of the different associations and coffee growers with whom we work.